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United KingdomThe UK usually refers to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, an island country in northwestern Europe. It can also refer to one of its predecessor states, the (United) Kingdom of Great Britain (1707–1801), or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1801–1927).

Education System in the UKBefore applying to UK universities you may have completed your secondary studies from your country but unfortunately, they will not be initially accepted in the UK. For this, you will have to undergo a one-year International foundation course to bring your qualifications up to the required mark acceptable for the course you want to take up.The UK is a world leader in many areas of education including engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law and finance. The UK’s reputation and legacy as a world centre for scientific research makes it a magnet for some of the very best thinkers in the world. With only one per cent of the world’s population, the UK is responsible for eight per cent of global scientific publications.

The UK offers a world-renowned education system with qualifications that can make a real difference to your future. It attracts over 600,000 international students each year to a variety of programs, ranging from English language courses to PhDs.

The UK education system gives students the freedom to combine courses and subjects from different areas of studies, so you can tailor your degree to your own needs and interest.

The benefits of studying in the UK

The UK institutions consistently rank among the best in the world and qualifications are internationally valued and recognized.The UK undertakes 5 percent of the world’s scientific research and produces 14 percent of the world’s most frequently cited papers.UK institutions offer the flexibility of choice and enable you to blend academic and vocational courses of your choice.The teaching and study methodology used in the UK gives you the freedom to be creative and develop skills sets and confidence.

As a student you get the opportunity to be taught by the world’s leading academics and experts; you also benefit from their constant academic support.

UK degrees can be tailored to your interests and often include specialized modules.
The UK is the home of English hence an ideal place to develop language skills and enhance employment prospects. UK qualifications are recognized and respected all over the world. It is the oldest established educational system & provides a solid foundation for all skills required to do well and succeed in a globalized world economy. Following are the reason for study in UK.

World Class Education
Modern Learning Environment
Quality Education
Vast Choice of Institutions
Shorter Duration Programs
Gateway to Europe
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