Peaceful, multicultural and with booming economy with lots of employment opportunities Australia attracts people from the rest of the globe. For those who want to widen their horizon in terms of career, knowledge and personal finance Australia becomes a prime destination for study abroad at this time. Lots of youngster as well as mature professional choose Australian universities and educational service providers for their further study. There are couples of reasons behind this, major are Australian education leads them toward better future, international opportunities and opportunity to live, work in Australia after completion of their study (after proving qualification to PR), Australian universities are cheaper in comparison with UK, USA and this English speaking country is welcoming international people with flexible visa procedure. Along with this the main factor which attracts international student is one can manage his all expenditure including university fees working here. Australian government (Immigration department) lets student to work up to 40 hours in a fortnight and the same for their dependent, for higher level student dependent can work indefinite hours. Beyond this student can manage cash on hand jobs for their free time from study hours and in semester break they can work indefinite.

There are lots of people, companies/consultancies are misleading the aspirants who want to go Australia for study as well as migration purpose and make good money from them. To put away yourself from such crooked you must consult Australian government departments, they are providing actual information about migration as well as study in Australia with simple examples and illustrations. Here we enlisted websites must visit before planning Study Australia for you which gives you clear image of Australian circumstances for international people.

Department if Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

The government website provides all information about Australia for foreigner what is their rights and limitations as well as what they can do when they are in Australia. Website is useful for all those planning for study, living (migration), travel as well as making business or family meeting trips. One can apply, track as well as check own visa status or conditions here. For those who are interested to migrate Australia it’s the first step to hit the Enter on this website. Actually it’s the gateway to Australia.

Department of Education

It’s another important government department website that provides you full details of courses which you want to join in Australia. One of the main parts of the website related to overseas student is list of Commonwealth Register of Instructions and Courses for Overseas Student (CRICOS), from where you can get detail information about your desired courses. The website provides course duration details as well as providing institutions and cost of the course (tuition fee) these are the initial and important information what you should know before preparing for Study Australia.

Study Australia

This is an official government website for international students, provides almost all information what you need before and after applying Study Australia. The website is for searching courses, education provider, scholarships and stories as well as facts related to studying and living in Australia. Website provides clear idea about living, studying and adjusting you in Australia.

Migration Blog

The forth important website you must read before apply Australian visa for migration as well as student visa. It’s the blog about all issues related to immigration and border protection. You want to change your course, university, sponsor, status whatever the blog gives you clear idea to select best option. Posts in the blog illustrate the situation with real examples so that you can understand the situations comparing with your one.


Although SEEK is the number one Australian recruitment site Gumtree is option less for students, working holiday visa holders and new comers for job and shopping related issues. It’s the leading free local classified website with almost all sections which you need in Australia car to cat and room to job everything you can get here listed. For those who are in abroad and willing to come Australia for study, migration as well as holiday working purpose the website helps to make mind on the things which they have to deal in a short future.