Who wouldn’t want to study in Australia? A country with great attractions and some top universities. But being an International student is not easy. There is paperwork, a hell lot of paperwork. Then, there is Visa, one of the most difficult document to obtain. A tedious procedure is to be followed to obtain a Visa.

However, acknowledging the importance of education, students have received several benefits. Many countries have simplified all the migrating procedures for the students.And here is a good news, Australian Government has recently decided to simplify the current existing student Visa framework. Australia, being a dream destination for many, has certainly gained lots of attraction due to this simple step.

The new Visa framework is to be implemented in mid-2016. Following which the whole tedious procedure of obtaining Visa will be a lot more simple and quick. Australia currently issues Visas on the basis of Assessment Level Framework and Streamlined Visa Processing Arrangements.

This particular framework divides the students into three assessment levels. This division is based on the home country of the student and the education sector opted by the student.

Assessment Level 1 represents lower immigration risk while Assessment Level 3 represents higher immigration risk. Streamlined Visa Processing(SVP), however, is a bit different. Its requirements are the same as that of Level Assessment 1. To be eligible for SVP, students need to have Confirmation of Enrollment(CoE). That too for an advanced diploma or higher education program.

I am sure all of this must sound boring as well as a complete hard work. After all, the framework involves lots of documents and paperwork. Certain identity documents are also to be provided.

On the contrast, the soon to be implemented framework involves a single immigration risk framework. Under this, all the evidence will be required to produce on the basis of student’s home country and his education provider. The education sector opted by the student will have no part in the framework. Also, the number of student Visa subclasses will reduce from eight to two.

The tedious process will become somewhat tolerant. The paperwork involves some evidence also. This evidence accounts for a student’s financial capability, course acceptance, English proficiency, medical background, health insurance and criminal records.

Once a Visa is obtained, the student is free to study in Australia without any legal issues. The Visa issued is temporary and can be converted into permanent Visa with proper procedure. Australian Government shows zero tolerance towards plagiarism and misleading information. Hence, all the documents provided should be cent percent original and verified.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide are considered Student cities. Even though living a life in Australia is considered to be expensive yet it is completely worth it. The quality of life, as well as education, is exceptional in this beautiful country.

Many of The Australian universities are a part of top hundred universities in the world. According to QS World University Rankings 2015-16, The Australian National University is on rank nineteen; The University of Melbourne is on rank forty-two; The University of Sydney is on rank forty-five and The University of New South Wales is on rank forty-six.

Education in Australia is a dream come true for many and hopefully, with the new Visa framework in consideration, more and more dreams will come true